Do you send 10 or more quotes per month?

Splash CPQ quote-payment-order is the “3-in-1” sales automation system that generates quotes, collects payment, and processes orders with a click from any PC or mobile device!

Eliminates multiple systems, multiple phone calls and archaic word and excel documents in your sales process.  Plus, easily manage single or multiple sales channels from one central system.

Recent studies have shown that up to 50% of a sales person’s time is spent on administrative tasks…time that could be used to do more.

See How it Works


3 Solutions, 1 Platform

Splash CPQ Quote-Payment-Order simply automates the quote, payment, order process with a click!

Generate Quotes

Easily send quotes on demand, from anywhere.

Empower customers with our proprietary “Buy Now” button to accept and make payments
directly from their quote.

Collect Payments

However your customers like to pay, Splash CPQ can manage it.

Process credit cards, accept and approve purchase orders, even manage credit lines.


Process Orders

Gone is the need to manually create supplier orders.

Orders are automatically created and sent to one or multiple suppliers when quotes are accepted and payment is processed.