“I’ve been waiting for over 10 years to share this program!”
-Alysia Hardy, Founder DataLogic CRM, Inc.

Splash CPQ is the exciting SaaS solution born from twelve years of hands-on experience and system development.  Our dedicated team of experienced developers, business consultants and network specialists work together to provide our world class SaaS to independent sellers worldwide.

Splash CPQ was originally created as an in-house, web-based quote and order management system to automatically generate quotes, collect payments and process orders for DataLogic’s fast growing CRM software business.  As a software reseller, DataLogic knows first hand the sales challenges faced by independent sellers and the value of sales operations automation.  This in-house program has since been commercialized for other resellers and manufacturers to more easily manage  the manual sales administrative tasks of sending quotes, collecting payments and processing orders. The results are improved sales productivity and a simplified work life for both single and multi-channel sales operations.